CSL Childcare

CSL Childcare
Parkville, VIC

This project aimed to deliver a high quality childcare facility for the staff of CSL Parkville and its surrounding community.

The facility is comprised of 8 different rooms to cater for varying age groups with additional space for future growth. One of the key areas of the design was energy and water efficiency, with a large water retention system located under the outdoor play areas, double glazed timber windows throughout and automated high level louvers for cross ventilation. In addition, careful consideration was taken during the design review to maintain the integrity of a slim roofline without compromising the overall design intent of the facility.

Elaborate internal and external features and finishes were used throughout the completed building, and special safety requirements were rigorously adhered to in order to meet strict child minding regulations.

Unexpected and continuous visual stimulation for the kids was considered to be a very important part of the architectural and landscape design. This meant a large number of different materials and colours being used both internally and externally as well as a complicated and layered landscape design. The Monaco Hickey team and the subcontractors worked with both CSL and the Architects to ensure a quality solution was achieved in each situation.

Monaco Hickey was able to once again successfully deliver on its brief, completing a purpose built facility of exceptional detail and finish, and one that far exceeded customer expectations.




Perkins Architects




July 2010


August 2011


Construction Mangement

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