CSL Administration Building

CSL Admin Building
Broadmeadows VIC

As part of its ongoing relationship with CSL, Monaco Hickey constructed new offices for the business’s manufacturing and corporate support services.

This involved the construction of a two level, open plan office with meeting rooms and conference areas. These offices are located adjacent to the existing administration area at CSL’s Broadmeadows plant, and connected via an elevated enclosed walkway at level 1.

The completion of the building allowed CSL’s corporate and regulatory staff, housed in an adjacent site shed for the duration of the project, to be relocated into their new surroundings with minimal downtime over a weekend.

Monaco Hickey’s innovative, open and accountable approach to the project allowed for design changes and scope increases to be readily implemented without a major impact on staff or the completion date.

Crucial to this process was careful planning and open communication with CSL.


CSL Biotherapies


Spowers Architects


2,000m2 of office space over 2 levels


November 2005


November 2006


Construct Only

CSL Administration Building
CSL Administration Building