Student Science Centre

Student Science Centre
Parkville, VIC

This ambitious project involved the construction of a new student services resource centre, a 3-level redevelopment of the ERC library, construction of a student plaza and complete refurbishment of the heritage listed Frank Tate building.


The construction of the new student science centre showcased Monaco Hickey’s ability to co-ordinate complex logistics and manage intricate, large-scale projects.


This project necessitated a sophisticated level of planning, co-ordination and communication with the university and its occupants. Work was carefully scheduled to minimize disruption to the university’s operations, students’ exams and pedestrian traffic.


Undertaken in four distinct stages over a 15-month period, each completed stage was handed over progressively to enable early occupation by the University of Melbourne so that services to the students in the science precinct could be expanded.


University of Melbourne


Cox Architecture




February 2008


June 2009


Hard Money

Careful planning and the constant communication with stakeholders saw a complex project delivered with minimal impact on university operations.
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